Enemy Mine


Action / Adventure / Drama / Sci-Fi

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by smokehill retrievers 10 / 10

A sci-fi gem -- one of the Great Unknowns of the genre

Simply a masterpiece, and due primarily to the masterful FX on Lou Gossett and his inspired, magnificent performance. Most sci-fi fans have never heard of this one, but I've found very few who have seen it who weren't impressed.

This film is a perfect example of how totally bankrupt the film awards (every one of them) really are. Gossett should have walked away with Best Actor on this one, hands down, yet I doubt this film garnered even a single nomination.

Reviewed by lindacooper61 10 / 10

I can't believe this isn't shown more often...

This is a sci-fi film with a heart as big as all outdoors. It also (refreshingly) sticks very closely to it's source material (a short novel with the same title by Barry Longyear.) The plot synopsis gives the broad outline of the film, but what I really love about this film is how it deals with the issues of the insanity of war, and prejudice. It is this that raises it above most other sci-fi films, good as they may be. If you like intelligent sci-fi, watch this (or try reading it!!)

Reviewed by davidsundancer 9 / 10

Teaching morals through Scifi and Mickey Mouse ...

Aaah, the power of ... no, not cheese ... science fiction and Mickey Mouse!

Science fiction has always been an excellent tool for social comment that has made it a lot easier for people to absorb a lesson about tolerance without being hampered by possible prejudice from a society / social network that we are actually embedded in.

In other words ... replace "alien creature perceived as being evil" with anybody different from you (creed, color, sexual orientation, you name it...), and you pretty much get the tale of tolerance this movie tells about life (on earth or other planets):

Don't buy anything at face value that "your planet's" authorities tell you.

Yeah ... that other person is different from you ... so what?

Don't underestimate Mickey Mouse as a powerful spiritual teacher!

Dennis Quaid is one fine actor ... if you want to get an idea of his tremendous range, just watch "Innerspace", "Frequency" and "Far From Heaven", which are completely different movies.

Furthermore, Louis Gosset Jr. is just plain awesome in this one, possibly giving THE performance of his career.

BTW: this is one of the movie's director's (Wolfgang Petersen) first major hits in the U.S. He also did the very impressive (make that: frightening / claustrophobic) movie "Das Boot", the very successful Harrison Ford vehicle "Airforce One", and the somewhat "macho-heavy" flick "The Perfect Storm" (though I have to admit that the "high sea" visuals / special effects were pretty awesome).

The bottom line for me about THIS movie is: it doesn't matter whether your "holy book" is The Bible, The Koran, The Talmud, or some other sacred scripture from this planet or beyond - the underlying message from every truly "holy" book is essentially the same: it's a message of caring about and loving those you don't necessarily understand when you start out, but come to appreciate over time when you get to know them better.

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